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SS Solutions & Consulting LLC is owned and operated by Steven Savini, an IT consultant with over twenty years of experience in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) field, specializing in the Documentum® application suite, a premier application in this niche.
My career began in the IT department at DuPont. After working my way through college and receiving my BS in Mechanical Engineering, I transitioned my career to IT because of the enormous and lucrative market that existed at the time. I was later outsourced by DuPont to Andersen Consulting, where I honed my design and development skills while being groomed for project management. I was subsequently recruited by a local IT consulting firm, where I spent approximately 6 years in the field as an ECM consultant. In 2007, I took my career to the next level and was promoted to Delivery Manager and assumed responsibility as the director of the consulting practice.
In July 2009, I formed SS Solutions. I now offer my services directly to companies that might be interested in minimizing their IT project costs through the use of my unique combination of project management, business analyst, architect, and development skills provided at affordable rates.
However, if your needs require additional resources in order to compress schedule or other reasons, I have a solid bank of IT contractors that I have developed relationships with over the years to draw upon and develop a team to meet your needs at the same low rates. This can be done without applying any margins that you would customarily absorb by going through recruiting houses.
My resume is posted below for review, which describes some of the project experience I have gained over my consulting career.

Steven Savini Resume

Additional comments and recommendations can be found through my LinkedIn profile:

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